OK, so those of us who are old enough go to the pub after the Thursday meet, we drink lots then come up with all kinds of silly ideas...
Like a jugglers drinking game (not so silly) and exploding cows (very silly). We thought that these groundbreaking ideas deserve sharing with anyone daft enough to explore this page. Read on brave lurker ....
The Drinking Game The Dog Show
The idea is that two people start with three drinks each (sounds good already eh?) and begin to slide them to each other in any passing pattern you think may work. Drops or pattern faults result in the offender taking a healthy sup before continuing. It works, we tried it. How about seven club passing? Ultimates anyone? At the Gig on Monday, Dave & I entered two balloon dogs (complete with leads) into the "Dog the Judge would like to take home" class of the Novelty Dog Show...After the judge recovered from a fit of hysterics, he examined both dogs, eventually awarding them the "Judges special prize". (and we've got the Good Boy choc drops to prove it!).
Cow Christmas The Ambrose Chronicles
Click Here --> Merry Christmas Everyone !
(Brought to you from the fevered minds of Richard and Brian) Click the book !

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