All kinds of Circus related groups and organisations.

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An online resource centre for juggling and other circus arts.  
Vova and Olga have appeared at the Crawley Festival as well as many more.  
If you're a juggler, or want to learn to juggle, or just want some information on juggling, this is the place to be.  
Circus Sports Entertainment.  
The Circus Arts Forum promotes circus in all its many forms; classic and contemporary, mainstream and alternative, from solo performance acts to large-scale touring circuses and circus-theatre companies.  
Ali Oops is ...
encouraging more schools and other groups to get involved with circus skills and have lots of fun!
The Indian Juggling Convention
Inspired by the incredible ammount of talented artists who choose to spend the winter in magic India and by the beauty of the EJC, the idea was born to create a convention right here in Goa.

Crawley Community Arts at the Hawth support us, take a look at what they are up to.
Richard's wierd and wonderful cartoon site.  
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